Krumeich eye speculum for​ adults


Worldwide unique Speculum with adjustable angulation of the arms and additional safe locking mechanism. EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE ONLY AT a1 medical!

Item No. : ES-0285  Krumeich Eye Speculum for adults, 15.0mm open blades, length 7.0cm, with lock     


Features of the unique Krumeich Eye Speculum:

For all kind of eye surgeries                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • The speculum is by the adjustable arms perfectly adaptable to the facial shape of the patient, so that the speculum does not protrude and the surgeon has free temporal access to the eye.
  • Through the safe locking mechanism, the speculum can be fixed for an optimal and secure spreading of the eyelids.
  • Can be used on the right and the left eye.

For corneal surgery

  • Due to the adjustablility of the angle of the arms, this speculum can be used to lift the front part, resulting in relief of the pressure on the eye. Even the lid pressure is reduced.
  • The safety of the surgery is increased by the fact that the surgeon does not constantly have the projecting parts in the way and can not come into contact with them.



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Worldwide unique semi-detachable Punch for the conventional lacrimal sac surgery. Shortest semi-detachable Punch on the market. All of them have a working length of only 11.0cm, whith is specially designed and adapted to the conventional lacrimal sac surgery, a punching angle of 90° and an ejector built into the shaft.


They are available as: 

L-0001 with a cutting width of 1.0 mm, L-0002 with a cutting width of 2.0 mm, L-0003 with a cutting width of 3.0 mm

L-0004 with a cutting width of 4.0 mm, L-0005 with a cutting width of 5.0 mm, L-0006 with a cutting width of 6.0 mm


Features of the unique Punch:

  • ​Semi-detachable shaft for a better and optimal maintenance of the instrument. All angles & lumen are easily reachable.
  • Semi-detachable means, that the Punch does not & cannot be disassembled completely. No parts could get lost or mixed up when reassembling the Punch.
  • Easy open and close system by pushing the button of the release mechanism. Very fast training- and learning-curve.
  • Specially sharpened punching tips. Less force for more efficiency.




Irrigation Handpieces with exchangeable tips and Luer lock: L-1311 (21G) & L-1321 (23G)

Aspiration Handpieces with exchangeable tips and Luer connector: L-1332 (21G) & L-1341 (23G)


These unique Irrigation / Aspiration handpieces exhibit the following properties:

  • Easily exchangeable tips for reduced replacement costs

  • Luer lock/connector for full compatibility to industry standard I-A-Systems and easy reprocessing

  • Highest quality Titanium and Stainless steel for longevity and immaculate appearance

Download Exchange Instructions



MIS-0611 - Sterilization Case, stainless steel, electropolished

270 mm x 175 mm x 30 mm; 4 lower and 2 upper instrument supports, for use in autoclave

  • clever Instrument support elements: can easily be mounted and dismounted as needed - providing  maximum steam contact and rugged fixation at the same time
  • innovative hole pattern for improved steam penetration
  • beveled edges and smooth round corners for optimum handling and reduced drying time


MIS-0612 Instrument Support Element, upper

MIS-0613 Instrument Support Element, lower

MIS-0614 -Sterilization Case, 252 x 209 x 24 mm

stainless steel, colour: neutral, including silicone support mat

For safe transport and sterilization of instruments in a compact footprint.



ES-0725 - Vera Hook for XEN Gel Stent implantation

ES-0725 - Vera Hook for XEN Gel Stent implantation                                         ES-0311 - Barrett Type Adjustable Speculum


XEN Gel Stents (AqueSys Inc.) lower intraocular pressure in patients with primary open angle glaucoma.

The Vera Fixation Hook (article# ES-0725) provides easy eye fixation through a standard cornea side port during XEN implantation.

The small cone in the front of the Vera Hook enables easy entry into the side port and provides some holding resistance to inhibit the instrument from slipping out. A 1.8mm ball towards the back end prevents the full instrument from entering the eye through a 0.9mm side port incision while allowing rotation to any angle to accommodate various holding positions.

The Barrett Type Adjustable Speculum (article# ES-0311) is the ideal speculum for use during XEN implantation. It comes with 14.5mm open blades, is angled to rest nasally, adjustable with a thumb screw and is made of stainless steel.

For more details and info about XEN visit:  AqueSys is a registered trademark of AqueSys Inc.